Don’t blame yourself…these things just happen. Regularly accused of being a “90’s band”, you can call it alternadelic space pop, post-punk-something-something, or just call it rock n’ roll. Since 2004 Januzzi Watchmen have brought their sonic story-telling to the Midwest with humor and energy.  In an interview with the Eastern Echo Dan Davenport said “We stick to our motto ‘tantum ad fruendum’. We only do stuff that’s fun.” And that they continue to deliver on.

Januzzi Watchmen is Matt Berg,  Dan Davenport,  Jacob Jackson, Steve Swisher, and Troy Wallace. They have released 3 EPs and 1 full length album and are working steadily on the next big thing.

Who is to blame?
Who is to blame?

Dave Orweller is no longer with the band. He is on a mission from God.